Barrel Program

Bourbon Barrel Aging

Hoppy the Woodsman was our first foray into barrel-aging in 2008. Since the first year's production it has been a much-anticipated annual release. Each year we double our production and then look at each other and say, "Wow! That went fast. We should have made twice as much as we did." Over the years we have experimented with different bourbon manufacturer's barrels honing in on which barrels provide the desired oak flavors.


In 2012, we expanded our bourbon barrel program to include Imperial Porter. First released in 2013, we timed it to coincide with Valentines Day.



Sour Ale Production

Schooner EXACT began experimenting with sour ale production in 2012. We have since acquired almost 100 locally-sourced wine barrels and are creating a variety of flavors of sour beer. Our No Sacc sour is unique in that it is created without the use of saccromeyes, the yeast genus commonly used to ferment beer. No Sacc's complex, fruit flavors and aromas are created solely by our unique fermentation process. The most common question we get is, "When will your next sour be released?" Our brewers have preferences, but the timeline is ultimately decided by the yeast cultures, which we affectionately call "the Bugs." The best way to stay up to date on sour releases is our Facebook and Twitter feeds.






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